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Mamma Mia! The Movie and The Sound of Music.
Terça-feira, 20 de Janeiro de 2009

Last 5 days


Meryl traveled around the world. London, Japan and Paris in 5 days and she just look like she was at home resting. She arrived in Paris shinning.


And by the way I have to say that in London, where she had an homage with the BAFTA: A Life in Poctures on Saturday, she had 12 young ladies waiting for her and that showed her what she means to all of us Streepers that just love her (some exceptions have to be made). They had a wonderful Friday night, but an awful  experience on Saturday. But they made a wonderful thing after all that stressful situation and were cricized for that afer. Well they did a WONDERFUL thing towards her. She loved it and that's all.


So just be aware that you all that were with Meryl on the 17th January 2009 have my support forever. After seeing PANIC in Meryl's eyes I have to say that you gave her what she was looking after: Love and Care.


Thank you all you british girls for what you did to Meryl, she loved it for sure. I know in my heart (and some experience) she did.

Written By Donna McGonagall às 22:52
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