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Mamma Mia! The Movie and The Sound of Music.
Quinta-feira, 5 de Fevereiro de 2009


I loved the movie. And there are 4 Stars in it.


Meryl Streep: Sister Aloysius made me laugh a little and brought me to tears in 2 scenes, one of them more than the other. She is just perfect as usual. I was in awe the entire movie with her performance. Still digesting it. - Oscar Winner


Philip Seymor Hoffman - A surprise (I didn't saw Capote), but he is great. The scene of the confrontation with Meryl Streep is just so intense... - Oscar Winner


Amy Adams - A sweet innocent nun that we can love right from the start. She is indeed good in her performance. - Oscar Winner


Viola Davis - She appears in two scenes. But just one scene is THE scene! The dialog between Viola and Meryl is just another world. No more words to say. - Oscar Winner


The movie was just a blown away for me. I will see it for sure once again.

Written By Donna McGonagall às 18:00
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De Amelia a 11 de Fevereiro de 2009 às 21:22
It was a very good movie

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